About You (Yes, You!)

About  You (Yes, You!)

We face no shortage of difficulties.  It may seem most of these challenges occurs when they are hardest to bear.  Given enough time, most of us will recover.  But, there comes a time for many of us when we know we cannot get well on own.  We need some help, and we need it now.  I haven't met you yet, but I know something about you already.
You Are Not Weak

Needing help is NOT a sign of weakness. Oftentimes our problems really are getting worse over time. Or they wear us down.  Or they pile-up. They combine to remove our sense of well-being and we feel like we just can't fight back.  Our problems are spilling over into the rest of our lives. We are not weak; this is a sign we need to do something else to get better.

                                                                                                                          You Are Not Broken

Needing help is NOT a sign that we are broken. We may be bruised but we not broken. Believe it or not, feeling like we need professional help is often a healthy sign that we are still trying to work our way out of our problems ...that we are still hanging in there, fighting the good fight. It's a sign of respect for ourselves, and perhaps for others in our lives who are affected by our mental health problems.

                                                                                                                           You Are Not Helpless

There is hope for you.  The feeling that no matter what we do we will still continue to feel unbearable emotional pain is a mind-trick which we play on ourselves.    We will work hard to convert these feelings of  helplessness into hopefulness.  It's hopefulness which fuels our rides into our futures.

If  you feel like self-harming, if  you feel like you are unsafe, and/or you feel like you are suicidal, stop reading now, and call 911.  Tell the operator "I don't feel safe" . Now. If you can't call on your own, ask someone to help you. You can get help because help is out there. Just call.