Couples  and Family Therapy

The most intimate relationships we experience are with companions, spouses, and family. In the best of circumstances, these relationships fill  important roles in creating our sense of well-being.  In less than desirable circumstances, not only are our personal relationships in harm's way, these problems often reach beyond the family or couple into the domains outside the home like work or school. 

Sometimes it is difficult to convince everyone in the family, or both couple members, of the need for therapy.  I often hear "It's his problem, not mine."   Or, "I don't think there's a problem at all." Or, "Therapy is like voodoo, with no science to back it up."   I have various responses to situations like this and would be glad to share the with you when it's time to schedule an appointment.  

Most often,  I meet with family/couple members as a whole the first session, then individually the second session thereon.  We may meet again individually as your case demands.   If it becomes evident that one of the clients needs individual treatment, I will refer that person to another counselor.  And, I will ask for authorization from you to consult with that therapist about your treatment and progress.  This arrangement allows me to maintain objectivity towards each person in the group, and make the best use of your time in individual and group counseling.